Daily Menu

From fresh baked bread for your trail or mountain sandwich to a hot muffin on the way to work; we will have something for everyone. From gluten free to who cares how many calories, I just hiked up a mountain. We will have hot ready to take home items and meals; from completely ready to eat to I want to make my own meal but don’t want to stock the whole rental. We will have items for you to eat later in the week in the freezer case and also items and meals to grab on your way home from work or your way into town. 

Small Scratch Bakery

All sandwiches, wraps and salads will be available until closing time. After 4pm— daily hot dishes; both vegetarian and meat options, will be ready for pick up with seasonal freshness being the decision of all dishes available.

We are a small scratch bakery with a very creative and skilled but small team. Many items will be made once daily and some listed items may run out depending on interest. If you are looking for something specific or special, listed below, please call to check availability or to reserve your treat. 

Any items reserved will require immediate payment to insure it is saved special for you and to insure speed of service for pick up. Many items will be available as whole, half, variety and slices. Upon request and confirmation of ability—Many items will be available tailored for allergies and intolerance.

Looking for something specific?

Request Custom Order